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Group 24

Project Title:


Project Manager:

Yarema Oleinik, Anatoly Metalnikov

All project participants:

Yarema Oleinik, Anatoly Metalnikov, Ham'yankova Anastasia, Tatiana Lemak, Anastasia Krivyetskaya.

Short description of problem:

Search proforiyentovanyh volunteers and financial resources to meet the challenges of NGOs or individual activists.

Proposed solution:

Creating an interactive online platform for publishing projects that need to implement a public organization or individual activists to seek volunteers and financial resources (kraudsorsynh and faundraysinh). The technology used to solve the problem: Drupal Ushahidi Mobile Technology Social Networks Existing problems similar cases:

At the core of the platform is resursooriyentovanyy approach to managing resource requirements (qualified volunteers, finances) and give them opportunities. The dominant feature of the system is the problem or project to realize. In the system there are two interacting parties: donors and acceptors.

Action Plan:

Development of information architecture and planning UX; Prototyping system; Find the necessary resources for implementation of the project life;