Association of Palestinian Filmmakers

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead:Laura Hawa

Project Participants: Zoharia Azab, Angie Hsu, Ruth Ish-Horowicz

Summary of the Problem

There are many filmmakers from abroad who are attracted to this region, making films that often reinforce dangerous and incorrect stereotypes. How do you professionalize the film industry in the Palestinian community, to encourage the development of informative and inspiring films from the Palestinian perspective?

Proposed Solution

Develop an association for the advancement of Palestinian film that will act as a network for filmmakers and stakeholders, developing and operating a central website on Palestinian film. No website of this nature currently exists. The website will connect filmmakers, students, producers and more, allowing different individuals to collaborate to build the Palestinian film industry. For example, a filmmaker in need of an assistant will be able to post a request on the site, which will then be accessed by film students. The association will also focus on providing film internships (i.e. with filmmakers and/or NGOs who need films made) and scholarships for young people. The development of female filmmakers and students will be emphasized in particular, who are underrepresented in the industry and yet are capable of sharing unique narratives.

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Providing basic videocameras to individuals (those experienced in film and those not) and training them to use them to document their stories;
  • Training people on how to use basic technology to document what occurs around them, such as cell phones, Facebook, YouTube, etc.;
  • Providing additional technology (such as editing software) to encourage individuals to "professionalize" their footage from personal filming to high-quality material for public viewing;
  • Website as a platform for:
    • Connecting individuals (e.g. filmmakers, NGOs, students, and film specialists, etc.)
    • Building a strong film community
    • Support for filmmakers

Existing solutions or relevant links

Follow-on Actions

  • Develop website
  • Build social media
  • Identify and enlist stakeholders of the Palestinian film industry: Palestinian filmmakers, film students, NGOs, mentors, leaders in the industry, producers, directors, funders
  • Training stakeholders how to use the website and benefit from its capacities.

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