Building community by streaming events for on-line discussion

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Group 25

Project Title:

Building community by streaming events for on-line discussion

NGO Project Lead:

Oksana Prykhodko

All Project Participants:

Wayne Burke Daria Nepochatova Oksana Prykhodko Olga Luchka Elena Franchuk Oleksandra Iegorova

Summary of the Problem

As non-profits, we want to hold events, which would engage people online around our issues and build community Specific problems:

  • Audience in Ukraine is not very tech-savvy to get involved instantly to on-line discussion
  • Lack of information about on-line tools for discussion
  • The need to use appropriate tools for a specific event

Desired functionalities:

  1. growing community around the topic
  2. streaming audio
  3. streaming video
  4. archiving
  5. multiple languages
  6. on-line and by phone
  7. real-time chat
  8. discussions
  9. attaching or linking to documents
  10. accessibility for disabled people
  11. video chat

Proposed Solution

We are creating framework, which enables any non-profit to choose the set of tools, appropriate to a specific event, and apply this in such a way, that it grows their community. Also it’s important to determine the technology, where your community is hosted (for example, e-mail list, Facebook group). Technology to Solve the Problem

  1. growing community around the topic
  2. streaming audio –, Blogtalkradio, online-radio
  3. streaming video – UStream, LiveStream
  4. archiving - UStream, LiveStream,, Blogtalkradio, online-radio
  5. on-line and by phone – conference call:
  6. real-time chat – LiveStream, UStream, Blogtalkradio, Google Chat, Twitter #
  7. discussions - Facebook
  8. attaching or linking to documents – Google docs
  9. accessibility for disabled people - research “508 compliance” (section of the US law referring to enabling the disabled people to access web, sites etc.)
  10. video chat - using skype at video chat room, better- google hangouts within google +, co.nex (US embassy platform)

Potential useful tools:

  • aedmodo platform (you can create files, materials, discuss). You make announcements of FB, but the documents will be at aedmodo.
  • Event tools: Twitter lanyrd
  • (for planning events, tasks etc., free version)
  • (for planning, outliner).
  • Calendar (have all events to plan and coordinate action). Google calendar.
  • (when we need to schedule a meeting for many people)
  • US embassy is working on the new platform for English teachers “Shaping the way” (url ??)
  • Open-source tools

Action Plan

Each of the participants will implement it in their organization.