Changing current University application process: Introducing online admissions applications

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Summary of the Problem:

Currently the admissions and application is outdated and overly bureaucratic; there are long waiting lines on the day of application at the University admissions offices, and it is an overall inefficient use of personal and professional resources.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

We need to implement a standardized, online application system for all of the universities in Moldova. This would not only help use personal and professional resources more efficiently, but it would also help reach out to the community of people with disabilities.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

Create applications that can be accessed online. Each applicant will have the possibility to apply online to the university of his/her choice. Institutions can be selected based on specified search criteria.

Existing solutions or relevant links:

Application will extract applicant data from an electronic register from the “Registrar” institution, including the Ministry of Education database of existing current high school graduates.

Poftim si in Romana ca se intelege mai bine: Aplicaţia va extrage datele abiturientului din baza de date a registrului electronic, instituţia “Registru”. (inclusiv baza de date a ministerului educaţiei privind diplomele de BAC, gimnaziu).

Follow-on Actions:

1. Raising the issue of online applications to the eGovernment center survey of desired services.

2. Get approval of the initiative/project from the eGovernment center.

3. Get media coverage of the initiative (use mass media, lyceum directors, sending volunteers out into the field to disseminate the message, social networking, NGOs, including ones serving the handicapped community).

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