Circumventing internet site blockages in restrictive societies

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Summary of the Problem:

Many non-democratic countries restrict access to various news and activist websites deemed unfriendly toward the ruling regime. How can individuals and organizations circumvent this blockage to still be able to use modern digital communications? How can you have access to unbiased news and to be able to get your message out on the web, if your and many independent websites become blocked?

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

There a host of circumvention tools available – many for free- that individuals and organizations can use and deploy. In risky countries, NGOs must be prepared for possible internet blockage attempts. They should have some proxy system in place and also have a method of informing members and supporters as to how to use it in case of a sudden disruption of their website or other important websites.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

Proxy circumvention tolls are tailored for ordinary internet users and pose no major complexities.

Existing solutions or relevant links:

Follow-on Actions:

• Identifying one or two reliable proxy links or systems to be deployed by NGO if and when necessary.

• A method for propagating the proxy in case of internet blockage, so members and the public can circumvent it. An email or mobile phone number list of members and supporters is a useful way to alert a core group of how to circumvent website blockages.