Communication and Language Barriers

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Communication and Language Barriers

The problem-solution sets provide a method to detail everything needed to galvanize support for addressing a critical problem facing an NGO or grass roots organization.

Summary of the Problem

  • How to communicate messages or package the informations in various indigenous languages, for instant Jawa language, Sasak, Minang, Banyumas, Sunda, etc.
  • Dialect barriers of the radio presenter/announcer to communicate in different or various local languages
  • Local volunteer and NGOs facilitator, especially youth and students not using local language in their daily life so they are having difficulties on translating the information/content from Wikipedia Indonesia to local languages
  • How do we overcome communication barriers due to multiple languages when responding to disaster situations?

Description of the Need

The needs to develop information/contents in various local languages in different media that can be easily accessed by grass root communities

Who Needs This?

The NGO that works for disseminating messages to grass roots people around the issues of: life security, freedom of expression, economic empowering/livelihood and knowledge management

Solution Space

Combination of technology and media convergency uses: mobile phone, radio broadcast, radio communication/RIG, social media, and portal. Media Center Indonesia

Use Case

  • Involve local people or stakeholder, specially in content production.
  • Use a traditional package of information, for instant macapat (a java traditional song lyric), pantun (poem), popular music, etc.

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • Mobile device for sending news to grass roots community and access the website
  • Social media for promoting web contents for different targets audience, particularly middle class community
  • Community radio for disseminating news to grass root people in different languages
  • Podcast for documenting radio broadcast to be published in the website
  • Using Wikimedia for building and collaborating local contents
  • RIG or Handy talky for monitoring and updating in urgent situations

What Resources Are Needed

  • ICT infrastructur expansion to remote areas, villages and rural areas.
  • Mobile instruments with good specification to access online information for community
  • Enough power supply to operate community radio, needs to develop alternative energy resources
  • Affordable open source software e.g. Blankon Indonesia

Follow-on Actions