Country Transparency Project

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Country Transparency Project

(Access to information from alternative sources other than official information.)

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This project was developed at the TechCamp in Santiago, Chile on November 20. TechCamp Santagio had over 100 participants, including a few US technologists, over 20 Chilean Tech community representatives, and approximately 80 NGOs and civil society organization representatives from across Latin America. Small group discussions between technologists and civil society organizations were used as a means of developing valid problem definition statements.

The point of contact for this project is Noel Dickover ( or He is US-based and can be reached via email or cell during RHoK at seven-zero-three--two-three-one--three-nine-one-two, or via twitter at @NoelDickover. Noel may be available via Skype (NoelDickover) Friday evening, late Saturday evening and Sunday.


There is a need for a project to Collect Data in authoritarian countries or ones with a fragile central government. Often official data is either lacking or unreliable. Such a data source could be applied to any problem using surveys, indicators and statistical models. The need would be to obtain actual and complete information of the characteristics of a country, which do not exist officially or is corrupted. Can be applied to any problem such as scarcity, disaster response, food supply, unemployment. This by means of indicators (polling).

Description of Need

Know what is happening according to specific criteria. Obtain those indicators that typify problems. In essence, this involves civil society organizations in a country sharing information in a safe way about the state of the country. The concerns for the country may be disaster related, economic concerns, etc.

Who Needs This?

NGO’s needed to do the work. Civil society informed in the best way possible.


Use Case/User Story/Scenario

--Knowledge of electoral results in countries in which results are not published (the case of Nicaragua).

--Situation reports of a disaster zone are stored and aggregated in a way that maintains anonymity.

-- Wiki-based method of creating and aggregating knowledge on a particular sector in a country related to resources and results of actions.

--Another practical example would be in the case of your own family, if you are looking for food or a job, you could go to this data resource and find help by district, etc.

Description and Constraints

This project is necessary in places with fragile or authoritarian states, where information is either corrupted or not freely available. This impacts both daily life as well as during disaster response efforts.

Similar projects and Resources

Tools similar to Ushahidi

En Español

Levantamiento de informacion desde fuentes alternativas que informacion oficial.

Daremos las definicaciones de problemas a un grupo global de progamadores voluntarios que se llaman “Random Hacks of Kindness” quien crearan soluciones a estes problemas desde el 4 hasta 5 de diciembre.

Resumen del meta

Obtener informacion real y completa de aspectos en un pais, los cuales no existen de forma official o estos datos oficiales pueden estar corruptas. Aplicado en una plataforma aplicable a cualquier problematica ej. Desabaste, respuesta de desastres, cimiento de alimentos, desempleo. Todo esto mediante el levantamiento de indicadores (encuesta).

Descripcion de la necesidad

Saber que ocurre con ciertos aspectos criticos. Obtener indicadores que tipifiquen los problematicas. Lo esencial de esto es tener organizaciones de sociedad civil en un pais compartiendo informacion de una manera segura sobre la situacion en el pais. Las preocupaciones pueden tener relacion con desastres, dificultades economicas, etc.


Quein lo neceista?

ONG’s para trabajar. Sociedad civil para estar informada de mejor forma.

Caso tipico

  • Conocimiento de resultados electorales en paises en donde no se publican los resultados (caso Nicaragua).
  • Knowledge of electoral results in countries in which results are not published (the case of Nicaragua).
  • Los informes de la situacion en una zona de desastre estan ubicados y agregados de una manera anonima.

Soluciones que ya existen o enlaces relevantes

Herramientas basadas en Ushahidi (tools based on Ushahidi)