Creating a system for combating corruption

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Working Group: Camilla & Vlad, Roger (Moldova Rapid Support Program USAID), Eugenia, Arcadie – Institute for Public Policies, Vadim – IT specialist, Ivan – Anti-corruption Alliance, Stanislav – public office holde

Summary of the Problem:

Corruption is endemic in Moldova—at all levels of society

1. Citizens accept corruption and do not think it is a big problem

2. Citizens think, “I’d rather pay a bribe because it’s easier”

3. Big business should understand that paying a bribe is an extra tax that is not good for business

What is the problem with existing corruption regulation and reporting mechanisms?

1. No one trusts government agencies to report on corruption

2. Citizens do not see the benefit of combating corruption

3. There is a lack of tough policies. We spread leaflets, brochures, and posters. But we need examples of corruption cases that are taken from the beginning (reporting) to the end (prosecution). No high-level official has even been arrested for corruption

4. There is a good mechanism in the healthcare system in the United States. Doctors do not know whom they are operating on. Perhaps we can use the same scheme in Moldova for processing complaints: anonymity. Currently, if there is no contact data or signature on the petition, it will not be processed. We need a system to encrypt the personal data of the petitioners. Perhaps an NGO can serve as an intermediary and file complaints on behalf of the anonymous people

5. If you have a system online, you show a nickname or “anonymous”. But you get contact information so that you can reach out to the person. Then, when you accumulate several complaints about one institution, you can file a petition on behalf of all of those people

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

• Create a system for uploading complaints online

• Verify the information

• Then contact the relevant authority

• Apply public pressure

• Partner with NGOs that are already dealing with this problem

Technology to Solve the Problem:

• Website with interactive, crowdsourced map

• Mobile apps


Existing solutions or relevant links:


• Ushahidi/Crowdmap

• Bribespot

• Frontline SMS

Follow-on Actions:

Build this on the platform because it is already popular:

1. Create a separate system/map devoted just to corruption complaints

2. Identify an NGO that would be responsible for managing the project

3. Provide training for verifying complaints

4. Identifying a network among all NGOS to feed into the central project

5. Connect with other international players working on corruption

6. Informing the public about the system across multiple platforms:

7. Important to also reach out to rural communities

8. Use multiple technologies: SMS, email, etc.

Other related goals:

1. Move more business and official activities online to minimize personal contact between citizens and authorities (for example, filing business applications) and reduce opportunities for bribery. In the long run, this would also save time and money

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