Creating a trusted system of community reporting for victims of violence and crime

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Summary of the Problem:

Hate crime is a bias-motivated violence such as assault (physical or verbal), injury, or murder targeting a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group which can be defined by race, ethnicity, gender, different nationality, political affiliation, religion or sexual orientation. Very often these incidents are being underreported by victims, authorities and media. There is a lack of trusted reporting systems that would provide not only victims but also citizens a channel to securely report these types of incidents.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

A reporting system that aggregates, geolocates and visualizes the hate crime incident reports.

Such system would enable:

• Anonymous reporting for victims and citizens

• Collection of information from trusted sources – network of trusted NGOs, civic groups and individuals

• Monitoring of media and social media outlets – particularly local media, minorities’ community sites, hate group discussion forums etc.

In order to ensure trustworthiness a respect for the system, board of trustees will be established. Its primary function will be administration of the system and ensuring that reporters’ identities are protected and that no information that could threaten the reporter is made public.

Unverified data will be cross-referenced with other sources and information coming from trusted sources.

Subscription to alerts functionality will be enabled in order to provide real time warning system for citizens, minorities etc.

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