Creating online education platform with an intuitive interface SaaS

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Creating online education platform with an intuitive interface SaaS Group 26

Name of the project:

Creating online education platform with an intuitive interface SaaS (software as a service)

Project Manager:

Sergei Culimov

All the participants:

Michael Psyuk Olga Maisyuk

Brief description:

In NGOs, educational institutions, commercial organizations, there is a need for online education. However, due to technical difficulties, the need to pay for software, hosting, no Russian-making, lack of qualified personnel online education is of limited use. In the market there is no Russian-language no-name SaaS allows the user to create a distance learning course without special training. Who will help this problem? To create a platform to help NGOs, educational institutions, small businesses implement educational programs using tools online education. The solution will make quality education accessible to the general public (including the poor, persons with disabilities, persons living in remote areas). Teachers, organizations can develop their own platform-based training with pay. What will motivate teachers to develop, create new content.

Proposed solutions:

Here you need to describe in general terms what is necessary to help solve the problem. Creating intuitive remote education platform, offering software as a service (SaaS - software as a service) including the ability to white label (providing services under its own brand, course development). Building on the principles of the platform from simple to complex, c self-training in the creation of the course.

The technology, which is used to solve the problem:

What do you think of what technology has the potential to solve this problem? (Eg, mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.) Technology: php, html5, Java, Ajax, mySQL, etc. The possibilities of online video conferences, video. Previously, these technologies were not available due to the high cost of storing, processing and transmitting data. Adapting to the needs of the existing platform using cloud technology.

Current problems or other similar cases:

What other information can help technologists in the robot on this problem? There are already a number of decisions:,, Khan Academy, Webtutor,, Adobeconnect etc. Many Western companies are considering is in Russian, Ukrainian market as a peripheral, and existing domestic developments expensive or require special training.

Plan of Action:

Once you have identified a potential solution to the problem, predstvte your plan of action to address the problem. Create a platform for equity, funds of funds, business angels, venture capitalists. Further monetization through obtaining% of the payment for training services. Social projects will be able to provide training for free Events Dates Project team Fundraising September September-November TK Development in November 2012 selection of performers November-December 2012 the first stage of TK December-January 2013 Filling Platform own course, testing the system in January-May 2013 Outsourcing content providers in January-May 2013