Crowdfunding: Setting up a chain in order to collect, dry and store medicinal herbs in Malesia e Madhe

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Project Title:

Setting up a chain in order to collect, dry and store medicinal herbs in Malesia e Madhe.

Project Participants

Margarita Cuni Aida Bani Nik Nikolli Lira Hakani

NGO Project Lead

Oxfam Italia Organization

Technologist Project Lead

Project Presenter:

Margarita Cuni

Group Number:


Summary of the Challenge

This is a description of the challenge that you have come up with at TechCamp.

How can we use crowdfunding to co-finance medical herb projects with traditional donors. There are many NGO based projects in Albania that require external funds to make the project possible. These funds are often not available from traditional sources or local community members. Because of a lack of funds, quality projects are often not completed or supported. Also, this lack of monetary support limits the donors in the region.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Outline of the basic needs that would solve the above problem.

Find the most attractive way in order to present the goal and objectives of our project. Use all the available tools for setting up and sharing our campaign within a limited timeframe. Clearly explain why the process of drying and storing is the most important process.

Our solution is to use crowdfunding in order to create a campaign to raise funds for NGO projects, specifically our project that focuses on medical herbs.

Our first step to doing this, is to create a guide for ourselves and other organizations to understand how to effectively build a crowdfunding campaign in Albania.

Technology to Solve the Problem List the areas of technology that have the potential to solve this problem (examples include: mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.).

We will use crowdfunding in order to raise funds for our project. The specific platform that we will use, is We will use google drive in for sharing our campaign.

Existing solutions or relevant links

What solutions currently exist that could help solve tor serve as an example to solve his challenge?

Follow-on Actions

Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your plan of action to implement it? Please detail a series of steps and goals and which group members will be responsible. - Key words to be used: Sage for the health - Message to be distributed: Pay for Sage and take a breathe. - Set up a video: