Data 4 Dev. (Community)

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TechCamp Mumbai 2013

Project Title:

Data 4 Dev. (Community)

Project Presentation Video

Project Participants:

Cherie, Mohamamd, Rajashree, Abhijeet, Arjun

NGO Project Lead:

Mohammad Jafari

Technologist Project Lead:

Arjun Venkatraman

Project Presenter:

Mohammad Jafari and Cherie

Group Number:

9 (Nine)

Problem Set Format

  • Lack of awareness, skill and resources to deal with data among NGOs.
    • Collecting data effectively
    • Digitizing non-digital data
    • Processing and analyzing.
    • Report generation and visualization.

Summary of the Problem

  • Lack of awareness, skill and resources to deal with data among NGOs.
  • Lack of knowledge and literacy among community.
  • Training of how to use the technologies with different devices.

Following are some sample questions for this community

  1. Collecting data effectively(huge amount of data with different formats such image ,video and audio)
  2. Digitizing non-digital data (human errors, time management for huge data).
  3. Processing and analyzing. (different formats , different languages , huge amount)
  4. Report generation and visualization.
  5. Effective data management system
  6. quantitative and qualitative data combine

Summary of the Proposed Solution

This group can be a medium of sharing knowledge about data collection and management for non-profits. The purpose of this group is to support organizations with limited technical skill with using simple tools and practices to take control of their own data. Technology to Solve the Problem

  • E-mail
  • Popular Social Media Network

Existing solutions or relevant links

For an example, Ms Excel,,,, etc.

Follow-on Actions

  • Creating the community (
  • Adding members
  • Sharing of ideas and useful information
  • Monitoring the regular activity of the community
  • Cross posting well articulated queries to other data communities.