Digital Strategies for Online Project Collaboration, Tasks and Knowledge Management

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Jude Jacob (via Yonathan Mizrachi)

Project Participants: Miriam Sharton, Ishmael Ben-Israel, noura adawi, Rasha Khait

Summary of the Problem

The generic problem we are dealing with is event management (e.g., conferences, workshops, courses, grant applications, and other generic projects etc.) and how to manage data, information, and knowledge and delegate tasks effectively and efficiently to get the job done!

Proposed Solution

The right data, information and knowledge to the right people at the right time in the optimal "dosage" in order to meet deadlines, ……. responsibilities and task assignments.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Cloud-based collaboration and project management tools such as Google Apps and platforms such as Podio and SAP-Streamwork.

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • We GO Cloud as the basis for our Organizational Digital Strategy
  • We apply generic collaboration environment by using Google Apps (Gmail, Calander, Google sites, Google docs/drive,
  • We apply application development and collaboration platform by Podio.
  • We integrate the above with the wealth of other Cloud based apps in the web (via Google Drive etc.)

Follow-on Actions

  • Discuss the Digital Strategy within our own Organizations.
  • Form a group (our own group…) to collaborate and think about it….

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