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Pursuant to the Government Decision No 742, Dona Scola was appointed as the Vice Minister of Information Technology and Communications since November 20, 2009.

Professional experience:

October - November, 2009 Manager in Moldova, Pedersen & Partners, Executive Search Company, Czech Republic

April, 2007 – November, 2009 Representation of the Chemonics International in the Republic of Moldova, Competitiveness and Business Development project, financed by USAID - ICT Adviser

March – December, 2007 Association of the private ICT companies - Executive Director

February, 2005 Grenoble Graduate School of Business of ESC Groupe, Campus, Chisinau - Internet Marketing teaching within the “Management & Marketing in the New Economy”

2004-2006 Sun Communications Ltd.Deputy General Director for Telecommunications;Internet Director after Clobnet acquisition, responsible for corporate and residential services

2002 – 2006 Globnet Ltd., Executive Director

2003 – 2008 Member of Supervisory CouncilElaboration of National strategy on ICT development within the UNDR project:

July – October, 2002 Ericsson, Italia Final project of the thesis “Benchmark Analysis of Broadband Industry”

2000 – 2001 World Bank – adviser and coordinator of Moldova Development Gateway Project

1998 – 2002 DNT Association, “Internet subsidiary” project of the Republic of Moldova SOROS Foundation – Executive Director

1995 – 1997 SOROS Foundation in the Republic of Moldova – Financial Director

1993 – 1995 Educational Institutions automatization and computerization: NGO, libraries, etc. – Program Coordinator