Facilitating coordination between NGOs in targeting new audiences and resources

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Summary of the Problem:

How to network with NGOs beyond one country? How to collaborate online?

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

• Use of social media

• Manage team projects internally online

Technology to Solve the Problem:

• Creating a google e-mail group for the ongoing discussions between the NGOs in the region

• For collaboration online: twitter, facebook, google docs, basecamp (find examples), wiki

• Remember about the safety online.

• Remember about tailoring the tool you use for a particular need.

• For managing contacts CiViCRM

• For webinars: webex, gotomeeting

• Search for other free tools online

Existing solutions or relevant links:

NetSquared beta (to be launched)

Follow-on Actions:

• Create a google group for the team (a moderator can add people and the group can grow)

• Send a link to the netsquared beta page (testing, searching for a volunteer for translations) and some free project tools

• Choose a group moderator and see how the discussion goes