Foreign aid monitoring

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Working Group Camilla, Anton: Developer community, Angela: Information and Sustainability, Vatim: Software company, Eugenia: Trimetrica, Stanislav: Public office holder, Arcadie: Institute for Public Policies, Vasile: Analytical Research Center, Ivan: Anti-Corruption Alliance,

Summary of the Problem:

Information about international aid is not easily accessible. In addition, financial information is often presented in PDF format; needs to be in organized (XML) format. Citizens need information to conduct multidimensional analysis. There is no transparency in this area.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

1. Gather messy, unstructured financial data from government, NGOs, and donors and put it into a structured format (data scraping)

2. Track every aspect of the donation/project. Data points include:

- Amount of money/in-kind donation

- Donor organization

- Purpose of the donation

- How the money was spent

- Outcome of the project

- Receiving agency

- Government official in charge of approving expenditures

- Major procurements within the project (goods and services)

- Organization implementing the project (private or non-profit)

- Location of the project (city, district, region, etc.)

3. Organize the information in a searchable database

- Users should be able to conduct specific queries by location, government agency, public official, etc. If you have problems with finding a reliable essay service that offers assistance not only with creating essays but term and research paper writing as well, I highly recommend you to visit BestWritingService.Com.

- Users should also be able to access/create visualizations such as maps and charts

4. Add commenting ability so that users can provide their opinions on particular expenditures

5. Provide other information and educational tools on the website related to foreign aid, etc.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

Interactive database


Mapping technology, information visualization technology

Existing solutions or relevant links:

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Follow-on Actions:

1. Identify a funder to support the initiative

2. Identify an NGO that will be responsible for overseeing the project

3. Identify sources of information about international aid and develop a datascraping plan

4. Develop the web-based tool

5. Promote the project so that citizens know that it is available

6. Long term goal: create a similar system for tracking campaign donations

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