Fundraising for NGOs in Palestine

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead:

Project Participants: Nadeen Salem, Kefah Abdu, Lina Qutob, Hadeel Sous, Niveen Hashem, Inas Maswady, Reem Mousa, Sahar Dwaikat, Ibtisam Rashid, Rawan, Razan Rwahieid, Dalya Abuomar, Reem Oumran

Summary of the Problem

A number of NGO's face a common dilemma. NGO'S concerned with development and empowerment often face a diverse range of fundraising problems and these problems are usually the source of tension in such organizations. It is found very hard for NGO's in Palestine to obtain fundraising opportunities. NGO's have great ideas for empowerment activities and projects, but yet they do not attract the donor organizations. Now, donor organizations are not very interested in funding projects in Palestine. They are moving to other Arab countries like, Libya, Iraq Syria etc… Funds are decreasing on a yearly basis. With that said, What are the appropriate tools to attract the donor organization? What are the ways to find call for proposals?

If we find appropriate solutions to this problem it would better the credibility of the NGO's, as well as enhancing the indigenous people that would participate in the projects.

Proposed Solution

The aim of the session is to find and provide more insight on how to tackle fundraising issues in order to assist with a better and more useful strategy for NGO's. The proposed solution is as follows:

  • Organizations should create websites or blogs that contain success stories, information and brief description of the organization to attract donors
  • Create a donor database list to refer to and share with other local NGO's
  • Create a small project to show results to attract more donors
  • Use other crowd sourcing methods to collect funds; Public donations in small amounts to fund large projects
  • Promote awareness campaigns
  • Use social media to create awareness

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Use Indiegogo website to create donation campaigns
  • Use facebook and other social media tools to increase awareness of our causes. For example: Post project videos, photos, newsletters etc..
  • Create a page on to post project photos and videos where you can link it on your facebook or indiegogo page.

Existing solutions or relevant links

Before anything technologists should research and understand the targeted organization and their objectives. Research statistics on how many people benefited from previous project.

Technologists should check if these organizations have location requirements or banking requirements that the donor organizations cannot meet.

Follow-on Actions

  • Identify the public needs and target group
  • Recognizing and indentifying your needs as an organization
  • Decide which donor to approach; traditional donors or crowd source method
  • Come up with a detailed budget; one for a short term basis and the other for a long term basis
  • Write a project proposal
  • Launch plan online and offline.
  • Follow up emails and phones calls
  • Continue research on other donor organizations and continue to actively build a social media campaign that brings people closer to what you are doing.
  • Evaluate your results and create research and statistics to prove that your campaign did what it said it would do.

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