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Group 12

Project Title:



Project Participants:

  • Mahmoud Nazzal - Welfare Association
  • Muntaser Edkaidek -Burj Al-luqluq
  • George Rishmawi - Masar Ibrahim
  • Sofie Dahl- Danish house (Palestine)
  • Isra Diab - Sharek Youth Forum
  • Mohammad Farajeh- TAM
  • Wesal Kalil - Youth Artist Forum
  • Riyad Abuznait - Jawwal

NGO Project Leads:

Masar Ibrahim

Technologist Project Lead:

Ayman Awartani and Josephine Dorado

Project Presenter:

Muntaser Edaidek

Group Number:


Problem Set Format

  • How to promote Palestine’s culture and history to outside world and bring in tourism.
  • How to represent the true story of Palestine.
  • How to know about the events that are happening nearby in Palestine.
  • How to encourage youth to learn more about the real historical places in Palestine.
  • How to encourage Palestinians to know more about the villages and empower the locals that are working inside.
  • How Palestinians are suffering from the occupation.

Summary of the Problem

How to create maps that will promote and represent Palestine culturally and historically to locals and foreigners.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Creating a mobile storytelling games that is based on maps, images and stories to encourage locals and foreigners to visit places and promote tourism in Palestine.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Mobile phones, computers, geospatial technology (7scenes), Adobe Photoshop, WIFI Internet connection, Maps, Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint, and camera’s.

Existing solutions or relevant links

7scenes, Google Maps, pocket Earth

Follow-on Actions

  • Study the solution and build action plan to sponsor it.
  • Build the mobile application.
  • Create multiple senses to different Palestinian cities and places.
  • Launch the application with a press release and social media campaign.
  • Build a community around it and introduce them on how to add content and how to use it.