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Gregory Asmolov is a doctoral student at “New media, innovation and literacy” program at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research is focused on the role of crowdsourcing platforms in emergency situations and development of network institutions as a new mode of governance. Asmolov is a co-author of a recent report “Russian Network Society and Social change” (can be downloaded here:

He is a contributor to “Runet Echo”, a project of “Global Voices Online”that analyzes the Russian Internet. He has consulted on information technology, new media, and social media projects for The World Bank and Internews Network, and worked at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University. He also conducts trainings and gives lectures about social and political role of new media in U.S, Russia, Israel and other countries. Asmolov has previously worked as a journalist for major Russian newspapers Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta, and served as news editor and analyst for Israeli TV.

Asmolov is a co-founder of Help Map, a crowdsourcing platform, which was used to coordinate assistance to victims of wildfires in Russia in 2010 and won a Russian National Internet Award for best project in the “State and Society” category. Currently he and his colleagues develop a new crowdsourcing platform for coordination of mutual aid in crisis situations