History of Palestine

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Nasheed Shhab

Project Participants: Hala Sbeih, Hiba Soliman, Huda Alwahidi, Wasfia Othman.

Summary of the Problem

Lack of awareness of Palestine’s history and ignorance, places and events.

Specialist’s people, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of telecommunication and everybody can help to solve this problem.

Proposed Solution

Collecting data, Gathering stories of Palestine’s history and building Palestine’s map to grow the country to get back our rights and land, by using technology.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Using an open source application maps, Databases, content management, build the map with attaching photos about places basic on timelines.

Existing solutions or relevant links

We can use the geocommons.com website, also we can use flickr website for photos, and we can use open street map, to have the full picture of the solution.

Follow-on Actions

Using the data from the Ministry of tourism as a basic layer on the map, like places name, street names then give the users ability to add more layers to tell their stories and adding historical information .

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