How can we create a job website / platform for disabled persons?

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Video Presentation

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Rezumat al problemei/ Problem summary:

Lipsa unei infrastructuri şi a unei platforme naţionale pentru eficientizarea raportului între cerere şi oferta de locuri de muncă adresate persoanelor cu dizabilităţi.


Lack of an infrastructure and national platform to streamline the ratio between job demand and supply for persons with disabilities.

Rezumatul soluţiei propuse/ Using technology to solve the problem:

• Crearea unui portal de angajare în cîmpul muncii pentru persoanele cu dizabilităţi Aplicarea tehnologiilor pentru soluţionarea problemei: • Template CV • SMS-ul • Voice recognition software • Reader software • Magnifier software • Filtrarea job-urilor pe categoriile persoanelor cu dizabilităţi • Utilizarea (harta) pentru localizarea job-urilor • Date demografice , statistici (reprezentate pe hartă) • Acces la portal bazat pe roluri • TV, radio • Online advertising

• Template CV • SMS • Voice recognition software • Reader software • Magnifier software • Job filtering by the categories of persons with disabilities • Use of to localize jobs • Demographic data , statistics (represented on the map) • Access to the portal based on roles • TV, radio • Online advertising

Soluţiile existente sau link-uri relevante/ Existing solutions or relevant links:

• • Smartphone-uri • • • Twitter •,

• • Smartphones • • • Twitter •,

Acţiunile care urmează/ Next actions:

• Cercetarea platformelor deja existente şi potenţiala implicare a unor ONG-urilor cu activitate din domeniu • Instruirea potenţialilor utilizatori • Lobby • Identificare partenerilor (ONG-uri, Companii, primării, etc.) • Prezentări pentru companii (trend-setter, desicion-makers), „Educarea” şi motivarea companiilor • „Educarea” şi motivarea ONG-urilor

• Investigation of already existing platforms and potential involvement of certain NGOs with activity in the field • Training of potential users • Lobby • Identification of partners (NGOs, Companies, mayoralties, etc.) • Presentations for companies (trend-setter, decision-makers), „Educating” and motivating the companies • „Educating” and motivating the NGOs

Participants/Group Members

  • Monica - Association for Community Relations -
  • Trimetrica Eugeniu Hristev -
  • Trimetrica Eugen Cepoi -
  • Banyai Istvan, Fundatia Comunitara Mures -
  • Cristian Dumitru, Presindent - CRPD - Center for recruiting persons with disabilities


  • Working to open an NGO which will be the interface of our project.
  • Obtained also the legal papers for the name of the association which is abreviated called : CRPD (meaning - Center for recruiting persons with disabilities).
  • Leading 2 monthly skype meetings in order to build a project plan and create an image withing the civil society about the existance of our project.

Until now we are struggling to build an important project here in Romania, but there is also a bad side consisting in lack of funds. We are thinking of raising the question within the TechCamp Global project Team if we could be sustained financially and build a close partnership with you here in Romania. We intend after finishing the legal side of opening the NGO, to build a name on our project in order for other existing profile NGO's, fundations to keep closer contact with us for their local communities with persons with disabilities so we could be the interface between them and companies and offer them a real job opportunity or assistance on their problems. This will not be a simple consultancy for them, but building also in short term a call center which will hire persons with disabilities, so we could have credibility with our parterns and show that this category of people really need support and their potential is not evaluated at its highest potential.

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