How can we create low cost online engagement strategy for our organisation that will make us known globally?

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Project Participants :

Margaret Mwangi Joyce Kariuki Susan Mang’eni Phoebe Ongadi Christine Wanjiru

NGO Project Lead: Sunshine Smiles Clinic (Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital)

Technologist Project Lead: Anne Salim John Oyoo

Project Presenter: Phoebe Ongadi

Summary of the Problem

Dead and not kicking Website.

Summary of the Problem No access to the backend to modify the current contents or to add new posts

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Create a website (already there), create blog for those with limited resources. E.g. wordpress, blogger (blogpost) Get access to backend Add plugins/ widgets to share on social media Create a social media email account Write and share posts Tell people about it!   

Technology to Solve the Problem

Blogging (blogging platforms) e.g. Pictures/galleries- FLICKR,PICASA, facebook albums For galleries and links to stories YouTube for video files for audio files Social media- Facebook, twitter (more global picture, trending topics), pint rest/Google +, hoot suite Facebook (group for interactions). Facebook page for posting information- link the website with the Facebook page) Frontline SMS ( for small groups

Existing solutions or relevant links

Blogging (blogging platforms) e.g.

  • Refer to the platforms mentioned above

Follow-on Actions

Action By when? By whom? Indicators Contact the web developer Within one week Phoebe .O. Access to backend (admin- password) Continuously upload information to the website, you tube, Facebook (choose interesting contents) Responsible team Updated website and social media platform Assign responsible person within the organization- also develop in-house social media policy to guide the organization engagement Within two weeks

One month Organization’s draft social media policy write up