How can we digitally share information on the projects of social organizations (and different actors), including the geographic variable, in an accesible, orderly and interactive manner?

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead:

  • Consorcio Propuesta Ciudadana / Vigilancia de Industrias Extractivas (Consortium Citizen Proposal / Vigilance of Extractive Industries) – Perú
  • Centro de Acción Cultural Afroperuano (African-Peruvian Cultural Action Center) – CEACA

Project Participants:
1. Elqui Cruz
2. Omar Paredes
3. Milena Carranza
4. Ian Ward
5. Rubén López

Summary of the Problem

  • Lack of connection and information between NGOs to spread their work.

Proposed Solution

  • Create an Information Platform of NGOs gathered by work theme and geographic location, where there will not only be a directorate, but an interactive space where all organizations, data, projects, statistics, etc., can be found.
  • Map the results of the projects with concrete data and statistics.
  • This platform will also permit any actor to share information that includes the geographic variable.

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Environment of web platform
  • Social networks
  • Maps and georeferenced data visualization
  • Mobile technology

Existing solutions or relevant links

Follow-on Actions

1. Meeting with the organization with which we want to generate the Platform.
2. Share the project
Create a commitment
3. Specify the person (or entity?) in charge of monitoring the platform.
4. Diffusion/Communications Strategy (online– offline)

Incentives to participate

1. Greater visibility among

  • Social actors
  • organizations
  • cooperation agencies

2. That the objective of the Platform forms part of the objectives of the projects
3. Intersections of Project results

Actions to carry out once the Platform is created

  • Monitoring of users by web count
  • Usage record of experiences
  • Record of SMS inquiries
  • Counting of information shared by individual users

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