How can we help offline women that can’t get connected?

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Project Information

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Project Participants:

Summary of the Problem

Help offline women that can’t get connected for many reasons, like being in areas with low spread of technologies( internet, facebook , ..,) or having cultural believes that prevent them from connecting and sharing their voices and having influence on other and decision makers.

Proposed Solution

  1. Reach the target group: offline women + online women + men who support women
  2. Raising awareness for women and their families to teach them about technologies(like using computer and internet) so they trust and feel ownership, by giving trainings and creating events
  3. Using success stories of online women to inspire or engage offline women through easily reachable media ( like radios, TV or mobiles: SMS media integration)
  4. Create SMS networks of women + men who support women using Souktel peernet technology
  5. Now we can go bigger or global :D , through Facebook page, #Palraiseyourvoice on twitter, something like or youtube videos produced by Palestinian women.

Technology to Solve the Problem

  1. Easily reacheable technologies like radios and TV channels, integrating mobile into radio and tv programs
  2. Crete SMS networks for the target groups so they can each other and raise their voice
  3. Socialmedia like facebook and youtube videos
  4. Livejournal so girls can tell stories and connect with each others online

Existing solutions or relevant links

See the technologies listed above

Follow-on Actions

Trusted technology evangelicals will go to girls and women in targeted communities and tell them about the various social media – additionally, television and radio shows will begin integrating sms so that women in rural areas without internet connections can share their information and stories. Women who are active sms sharers will be linked into sms-based peer networks, and meet with online wome”n leaders “who run facebook and twitter campaigns – then these women can decide how they want their offline “ presence to be managed.

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