How can we integrate online and offline tools to increase awareness about our organization?

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Asala

Project Participants: Narjes Abou Abeid, Zein Abu Kasem, Rasha Abu Baker, Viola Attallah, Lina Falah, Intisar Aiashe, Hiba Abu Fkheideh, Saleh Dawabsheh

Summary of the Problem

  • The problem to reach the NGO target’s stakeholders to attract them to deal with the organization.
  • The problem to reach the NGO audience and pass on the NGO achievements/success stories.
  • The problem to be able to expand the organization audience base.
  • Some orgs use only online tools, while others use only offline tools, others use both but they separate them from each other.
  • Orgs needs to understand the language of their target and audience and use this language to speak to them.

Proposed Solution

  • The media person should be aware of all social media tools like face book, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs in order to maximize the org online presence.
  • The media person should identify the best offline ways to invite his audience to find him online; this can be done using offline tools (newspapers, flyers, posters, videos on TV, radio spots).
  • Before integrating offline and online as an organization I need to be strong and creative in both of them.
  • To be strong in online tools the media person needs to get the appropriate training to be able to use all available online platforms and she/he must be aware of his organization work and activities.
  • To be strong in online tools the media person should be part of the community he is working in and promoting his org to, he must be engaged.
  • To be strong offline the media person needs to find new creative channels to impress her/his audience by this creativity and make them talk about it (word of mouth)
  • The media person should be excellent in designing the online message.
  • The media person should be able to understand the competition in the market/field to compete and to get the benefit from others experiences.
  • Expanding the online audience base as online platforms keep on posting and reminding the audience of your activities.

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Social Networks – Face book, Twitter
  • Video sharing websites – YouTube, Vimeo
  • Publishing Platforms – Blogger, word press.
  • QR code
  • Smart phone applications developed for our organization
  • Online applications for managing social media channels – hoot suite
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk email

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • []
  • []
  • []
  • []
  • []
  • QR code applications on iOS & android
  • Application developers
  • Telecom Operators
  • Direct Marketing companies – clickJordan

Follow-on Actions

  1. Asala organization action of implementation:
  2. Narjes will get the proper training to implement the online side of this action plan.
  3. Then Narjes will create Face book, Twitter accounts and a YouTube Channel.
  4. Rasha will make sure to create the suitable content to be published using online and offline tools (content like text and video and images).
  5. Rasha will continuously update Narjes about future events so that Narjes will help her attracting people to this event.
  6. Narjes will contact the admin of the big pages in Palestine and ask them to share Asala’s success stories on their pages.
  7. Narjes will generate a QR code for Asala’s Face book page and Rasha will make sure to put the QR code on all Asala’s offline materials (flyers, posters, newspapers, etc)
  8. Rasha will contact the telecom operators in Palestine to send bulk SMS to a big number of people telling them about the upcoming events like bazaar and training and at the # # # same time asking them to like their page on face book
  9. Narjes will contact some email marketing agencies like ClickJordan to send promoting emails to thousands of people.
  10. Rasha and Narjes will discuss with the financial department in their organization of they can offer some good money to develop an iphone applications containing the places of projects that were funded by Asala.
  11. Rasha would like to help Narjes in managing Asala’s social media channels, so Narjes will add Rasha on Hoot suite so that Rasha can support her in updating social media networks.

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