How can we make a map of all the Palestinian Bloggers?

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead:

Project Participants: Yasmeen, Amon, Saeda, Hanaa

Summary of the Problem

(Less of a problem, more of a question)- Turn Diwan Ghazza’s Palestinian bloggers database into an informative, interactive map. It will serve as a way of facilitating interaction and communication between Palestinian bloggers who are isolated from each other by the occupation and geographic difficulties and also as a reference for non-Palestinians who are becoming increasingly dependent on bloggers for news from Palestine.

Proposed Solution

Lets make a map! (In GeoCommons)

Technology to Solve the Problem

Existing solutions or relevant links

Geospatial technology, online mapping tools: GeoCommons.

Follow-on Actions

We’re going to use the 70+ names that Diwan Ghazza collected from bloggers, e-mail them ask them for a permission to publish their information on the map, and then start mapping! The map will be published on our website and we think its going to encourage others to join the database.

Future phase: Real time map, geotagging individual posts, more map visualizations.

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