How can we make independent media and blogs credible?

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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Eitan

Project Participants: Gregory and Keshet and Kara

Summary of the Problem

There’s no source of credible independent news based on the ‘masses’ or alternative view points / avoiding the co-opting of major news outlets (by govt / wealth) in Israel

Proposed Solution


  1. Map biggest bloggers in Israel (manual?) – through a competition
  2. Develop a form for listing blogs, request biggest bloggers to publish the form
  3. Collate all listings – create an index of bloggers / including video blogging
  4. Categorize by popularity and topic
  5. Organize offline meeting, with ‘blog’ training
  6. Needs assessment (training, cheap domains, technical knowledge, security), agenda -
  7. Build a professional ‘guild’ of bloggers
  8. Upload the ‘blog directory’ (Hebrew / English language blogs) + future Arab speaker needed!
  9. Develop a home for bloggers / aggregate platform bloggers can add posts (incentives: bigger audience)
  10. Roster of bloggers / experts (contactable by news outlets, small fee for our website)
  11. Crowdfund investigative / issue based reporting on the site – engaging existing bloggers as content creators

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • The World Wide Web
  • Google Documents

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • Huffington Post
  • Global Voices
  • Voce (Spanish)
  • Public post, Best Today (Russian)

Follow-on Actions

Need a project manager – Keshet and Eitan (Kara with Tech support)

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