How can we make use of real time data in order to influence and mobilize the government and other decisions makers to improve the quality and equality of healthcare?

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Group 10

Project Participants :

NGO Project Lead: 1. Wandera G Manasseh 2. Pharis Mukuria 3. Masambu Ronald 4. Francis Kuria 5. Robina Biteyi 6. David Rurangirwa 7. Firdaus Omar 8. Edward Miano Munene 9. Mercela Sinda 10. Susan M Lister Technologist Project Lead: Project Presenter: 1. Maeghan Orton 2. Eve Constantaras

Summary of the Problem

Policy makers are not using recent data about healthcare needs to prioritize resource allocation while institutions with relevant data are not making it accessible to the policy makers.

If this problem were solved, citizens would receive healthcare services appropriate to their needs and in turn improve the quality and equality of healthcare.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Having a user friendly website with relevant data on healthcare budgets, needs and resources. Commitments • Health • Education • Agriculture • Energy • Infrastructure Challenge • Historical disease burden Key indicators • Child deaths • Maternal Health • Road Accidents • Key disease rates: HIV/AIDS, TB, Cancer • Kemsa – Stock Levels Solutions • Activities by stakeholders sorted by indicator • County comparison • Key health Contacts • County planning forums

Technology to Solve the Problem

Website with database and data visualizations, contacts

Existing solutions or relevant links

Data sources like ministry of health, Kenya Demographic Health Survey, Kenya Beaural of Statistics, World Food Program, International Budget partnership

Follow-on Actions

Build the website Assign it to the International Budget partnership Periodic meetings with NGOs, County budget committees, Key decision makers to create awareness of the platform Update the website with the information gathered from the meeting Ensure monthly update of the website Annual website review and re-design