How can we motivate civil society members to volunteer?

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Project Information

NGO Lead: ENCUENTROS, youth house and Center of Studies and Publications


Summary of the Problem

  • The search for and the supply of volunteers is dispersed, many institutions soliciting many profiles for many causes
  • A platform that centralizes and articulates calls for volunteers does not exist.

Proposed Solution

  • Design and implementation of a virtual platform about offers and requests for volunteering..

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • YELLOW PAGES of volunteering in Peru.
  • Institutions offering volunteering by profile, place for volunteering, cause, duration …
  • People offering volunteering by profile, place of volunteering, cause, duration…
  • Internet registration template
  • Subscription to receive information by city,
  • The more you help you have a distinction
  • Diffusion via Facebook (@somosvoluntariosperu)
  • Information and Tools of Assistance for volunteering (of benefit as much for institutions and organizations, as for people who seek to develop volunteering.)
  • Diffusion vía twitter (#hashtag: #somosvoluntariosperu)
  • Sending SMS alerts by subscription
  • Map of organizations that solicit "profiles of volunteering" for their projects indicating the place that they would work, causes.
  • Georeference map of organizations and NGOs that promote volunteering.
  • Define agreements with communities of the technology type DRUPAL Perú ( to establish a relationship of mutual Assistance. A Drupal developer up-to-date with practitioners of PHP or professionals.

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