How can we use online communities to bridge knowledge gaps & provide volunteer opportunities?

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Problem Statement:

How can we use online communities to bridge knowledge gaps & provide volunteer opportunities?


Katie Pollom (Kranti)


  • Bridget Roddy
  • Mega Ganeshan
  • Gihan Sajeew
  • Suleiman Amanzad
  • Katie Pollom
  • Somesh Verma
  • Sameer Gaikwad
  • Nabeel Adeni
  • Hallie Noble
  • Neil D’souza
  • Josephine Dorado

Group Number


Kranti info:

  • repository for information, in Hindi & English
    • current curriculum hasn’t been shared online yet (some curricula on website & on Facebook page)
  • opportunities for clients to manage the space (girls become ambassadors for cause, take leadership roles)
    • Facebook page (the more updates they post, more donor activity)
    • newsletter, monthly updates for donors
  • mobile access & cyber cafe access

Tech resources:

  • (learning management system)
  • (learning management system)
  • (educational sms)
  • (wiki for educational tools)
  • (translate & voiceover any YouTube video)
  • (crowdsourced video translations & captions)
  • (crowdsourced video translations & captions)
  • (curricula samples)
  • (browser-based collaborative video editing)
  • ScreenFlow - free for nonprofits

Action plan:

1. Define objective & target audience

  • clients (Krantikaris revolutionaries) learn the material & become ambassadors for the cause
  • repository for information, in Hindi & English
  • required reading for anybody volunteering or mentoring
  • shared virtual space for girls to post thoughts & materials on workshops

2. Create curriculum

  • create outline & online coursework: goals & objectives for course (Lore/Edmodo)
  • structure for info dissemination: timelines, assignments & rewards
  • access resources like LearnZillion, EdSurge etc.

3. Create content

  • videos on YouTube
  • edit together on WeVideo (option)
  • translation options: DubJoy,, etc.
  • record screen for trainings via ScreenFlow

4. Communicate with students

  • message class via sms & Remind101


    • we’re going to this protest - join us
    • new material has been posted - check it out
    • responding to posts/questions/assignments on learning management system
    • opportunities for f2f and/or remote mentoring sessions (via f2f meetings or Google Hangout)

5. Evaluation

  • qualitative: journaling, writing essays, doing debates, watching them present to others
  • quantitative: assessing reading comprehension, individual impact (how many others are they presenting to? how often?)

6. Feedback

  • implement survey process (create poll on learning management system)
  • cull results & re-evaluate effectiveness of program, future development