How do we collect valid data on the Roma?

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The problem-solution sets provide a method to detail everything needed to galvanize support for addressing a critical problem facing an NGO or grass roots organization.

Summary of the Problem

The policy making process is disconnected from the real data. No data means no progress. It is important to collect data but there are some difficulties in doing that:

  • reluctance of roma to answer surveys
  • validity of data
  • lack of human resource to collect data

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

  1. Create a network of roma NGOs active at the local level
  2. Partnership with an academic institution for validation of the methodology and legitimacy of data
  3. Capacity building in roma NGOs to collect data
  4. Create a standard for data sharing and identify needed tools
  5. Collect data, analyze, present (map, chart, reports) and share

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • Mapping technologies – mapbox
  • Limesurvey
  • Other open source tools

Follow-on Actions:

January 2012: methodology of data collection (step 1). Training in using the IT tools identified

February 2012: piloting data collection on a representative sample of roma communities March 2012: Data centralizing and validation; lessons learned from pilot; elaboration of teaching material for step 2

April 2012: Selection of NGO human resources for data collection and training

May 2012: Data collection step 2

June 2012: Data centralizing, validation, analysis

July-August 2012: Data presenting and sharing

Relevant Contacts

  • Ana Ivasiuc, Agentia Impreuna Bucharest -

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