How do we organize youth in sustainable community service projects

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Video Presentation

Summary of the Problem:

How do we identify and engage young professionals from small urban communities of Romania?

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

Research on their interest by applying to online groups (google, yahoo, facebook, others) and attend offline venues that they are interested in the relevance of peer to peer conversation

Existing solutions or relevant links:

Use if Meet UP (decide on the usefulness)

Follow-on Actions:

  • The Filantropia Association does not have the staff to follow it thorugh for the time being
  • The Ratiu Foundation for Democracy is developing an internship program for young professionals in communication while in the same time designing team building activities for small businesses; we also intent to continue being involved in the local netsquare group (Cluj Napoca)

Relevant Contacts :

  • Madalina Mocan, Ratiu Foundation for Democracy (
  • Rep. of Asociatia Filantropia (Drobeta Turnu Severin0
  • Crina Motreanu Rep. of Erste Stiftung
  • Merrill Beth Ferguson []

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