How do you create interest in Ukraine and Belarus about the activities of NGOs?

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Project Name:


The purpose of the project:

Involving residents \ Internet users \ your target group in Ukraine and Belarus, or the activities of NGOs Interest-how to operate this interest? From the observer to an active figure?

Project Manager:


All project participants:

Short description:

This description of the problem situation. Who will help this problem?

  • Activities of NGOs interested in the target audience. It is important to show that the work of NGOs - the real, relevant and interesting things (eg content)
  • People interested in a problem that is actively involved in the online discussion, but then nothing is. 2 directions - do with us or encourage local initiatives.
  • The work of NGOs is not always visible to the specific people who are behind this work.

How-To-In From entail? How to tie the protesters in the real world with the wave in-line? NGOs are not ready, that people will come to them. (People resources, action plan) How to find people and how to inspire them to make a change? Proposed solutions: Here you need to describe in general terms what is necessary to help solve the problem.

  • Create creative content
  • Put flyers on-line for printing and distribution in the off-line, to collect signatures
  • Use location of off-line - the collection through online. - Good speakers, bright Events in off-line.
  • Physical interaction - art, commonly meeting, workshops
  • New-select an interactive platform for communications solutions.
  • Involve people at work or in the idea. (Eg in the fight game) Quest on-line for the implementation of off-line. Articulate the problem, and then look for people.
  • Clarity in setting objectives, action plan - single events and process work.
  • Sharing and finding common interests with other target groups.
  • Create a decentralized community
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Bring to some free training, TOT

Animation, the experience

  • Smart Management
  • Establish the ideological projects \ local innitsiativu, cat create a sense of involvement and importance

The technology, which is used to solve the problem: What do you think of what technology has the potential to solve this problem? (Eg, mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.)

  • Total interactive platform
  • Social Networking
  • Google-, fesybuk-, Google + group - it is important to understand the specifics
  • Quality technical and interesting multimedia content (video, audio, photos, etc.)
  • One common portal aggregator and community site associated with other platforms
  • Events off-line:


Existing problems or other similar cases:

What other information can help technologists in the robot on this problem?   

Action plan:

Once you have identified a potential solution to the problem, predstvte your plan of action to address this roblemy.