How to Make a Mobile Video in Palestine

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Group 3

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Project Participants:

Amira AbuSrour, Marwa Romi, Mira Bakri, Iman Ahmed, Khaled Shanaa, Bisher Oassis, Daniela Andreevska

NGO Project Lead:

Technologist Project Lead:

Samantha Barry

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Problem Set Format

Problem sets and solutions provide a method that details everything you need to get support to a critical problem to which an NGO or a grassroots organization faces.

How do we use mobile video to tell positive stories about Palestinian NGOs’ activities, events, and projects etc…

Summary of the Problem

This is a description of the problem situation. What kind of people mission better if this problem is solved?

We have identified four problem areas around video for NGOs

  • Making video is often requires expensive equipment for organization ( some NGO’s spend money on outsourcing to production teams
  • Making traditional video is often a long process and the story is “old” by the time it is published
  • Videos are often used for corporate event but not personal stories
  • Video is not a good length for social media

Summary of the Proposed Solution

This should provide an outline of the basic need that would solve the above problem.

  • We plan to come up with a guide for NGO’s to help them create compelling videos using mobile video apps, including tips on how anyone can make a professional looking video using a smartphone.
  • We will link to apps for android and Iphone and also online video guides to mobile journalism. We will also include some guidance on to share and engage with the audience using the video.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Areas of technology that you believe have the potential to solve this problem? (eg mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.). As the proposed solution could be used?

There are a number of mobile video apps available and online guides- we have listed them in our guide that is attached. We have also created a video guide available on youtube…..(link)

Existing solutions or relevant links

What other information could help technologists working on this idea? The links will be in the attached guide. The guide and the applications listed in it will help the organizations to learn how to use the smart phones and create short videos. Replacing the traditional equipment with smart phones is a way to decrease the budget.

Follow-on Actions

Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your plan of action to implement it? Should arise as a series of steps and goals, preferably together with actions assigned to a specific group of people.

  • Decrease the expenses instead of buying expensive professional equipments.
  • The group members will share the new knowledge on how to make mobile videos with their colleagues at their organizations
  • the group members will create a Facebook page teaching the community how to use mobiles and apps in making videos
  • The guide produced by the group will be available on techcamp group and on social media tools