How to involve parents

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How to involve parents Group 22

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How to involve parents

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All project participants:

Brief description: This is a description of the problem situation. Who will help this problem? Today, parents have little information about their teachers, their teaching methods, which leads to distrust of the individual teacher and the educational system as a whole. Teachers need to realize that his work will have to assess not only the school, but students and parents. Many parents think that they know better than the methodology of teaching the teacher's parents do not know the qualifications of teachers who do not know the methodology, curriculum Parents are experts in teaching skills necessary to show teachers enhance the role of the teacher portfolio are not involved in the process of educating teachers contest "Teacher of the Year" students who will evaluate students or teachers should give fidbek Lack of trust of parents to the teacher and the educational system as a whole.

Proposed solutions:

Here you need to describe in general terms what is necessary to help solve the problem. Provide information about the work of the teacher (his experience, results of his work, other people's opinion of him)

The technology, which is used to solve the problem:

What do you think of what technology has the potential to solve this problem? (Eg, mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.)

Existing problems or other similar cases:

What other information can help technologists in the robot on this problem?

Action plan:

Once you have identified a potential solution to the problem, predstvte your plan of action to address this roblemy.