IEARN-Ukraine portal platform EDUKIT

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Group 15

Project Name:

iEARN-Ukraine portal platform EDUKIT

Project Manager:

Natalia Cherednichenko - iEARN-Ukraine, Alexander Elkin, Marina Pashchenko - EDUKIT

All project participants:

program participants iEARN-Ukraine (teachers and students more than 100 schools in all regions of Ukraine, including the Crimea) Short description:

technical features of the platform on which the portal is now iEARN-Ukraine make it impossible to implement the goals and objectives of the program at the national level. Proposed solutions:

a portal program iEARN-Ukraine platform EDUKIT. Structure of the portal will include: the main site, which will contain information about the program, news programs, projects archive program, teaching materials of the iEARN-Ukraine, links to individual project sites iEARN-Ukraine. For all projects for the participants iEARN-Ukraine will create individual project sites.

The technology, which is used to solve the problem:

Platform EDUKIT existing problems, or similar cases are indicative framework learning projects, the structure of the portal iEARN-Ukraine

Action plan:

September 2012 - a discussion portal structure iEARN-Ukraine and the recommended structure of the site specific projects in October 2012 - a portal iEARN-Ukraine November 2012-February 2013 - Training program participants Features of the site iEARN-Ukraine, the transfer of data to the new portal of iEARN-Ukraine platform EDUKIT