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TechCamp Project Template Group 11

Project Title:

“ I AM SURVIVOR” Using SMS to collect evidence to establish act of explotation/ trafficking .

Project Participants:

Tou Chandara, Vong Radina, Phen Makara

NGO Project Lead:

Chab Dai Coalition

Technologist Project Lead:

Fernando Travieso, from Golden Gekko

Project Presenter:

Phen Makara

Group Number:


Summary of the Problem

Reach and support victims through educational content/Tips on How to use Technology, particularly mobile phones to store evidence of exploitation and how to proceed to restore their freedom when survivors find themselves in vulnerable positions compared to the rest of the humans living in freedom.

Summary of the Proposed Solution

Partner with a national carrier (e.g. Beeline, Smart, CellCard, Metphone, etc) and develop a branded campaign to bring visibility to the concept, helps to implement the solution and get ready to accommodate demand and manage success.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Adressing local owners of Java Mobile Phones and existing tools for massive SMS-ing within frontiers.

Existing solutions or relevant links

None that we’re aware of. However, this solution will entail knowing the legal framework where the solution is to be implemented for everyone’s safety.

Follow-on Actions

Find a Technology partner to send massive create educational content and run the program for 6 months to evaluate results and make adjustments considering lessons learned, and run it for another 6 months.

Survivor1.jpg Survivor2.jpg