Improving Monitoring and Evaluation Systems

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Problem Set Format -- Problema de Plantilla de Solución

Problem sets and solutions provide a method that details everything you need to get support to a critical problem to which an NGO or a grassroots organization faces.

Los conjuntos de problemas y soluciones suministran un metodo que detalle todo lo necesario para conseguir apoyo ante un problema critico al cual una ONG o una organizacion de base se enfrenta.

Summary of the Problem - Resumen del problema

This is a description of the problematic situation. Which group of people would be better able to implement their mission of this problem were solved?

Not data on results and impact, they are timely and they are expensive. We have a lack of data. How to get it. Type of data. How quickly I get it. How to use it to improve program implementation. Dynamic program implementation. Data feedback informs the future kinds of data you need. How do we collect information, and what kind of information we collect. How do we ensure we have as close to real time as possible for decision making. How do we have analyses for decision making.

We need to evaluate skills and performance. How do we measure student performance in social networking and the effectiveness. Teachers in video.

Data collection, analysis, and use of data to inform program implementation is a slow, expensive and sometimes difficult process.

We need a process that allows us to collect the right type of data, and analyze it in a timely manner to improve dynamic program implementation.

Summary of the Proposed Solution - Resumen de la solucion propuesta

This should outline the basic Need that would solve the problem listed above.

Know which steps can benefit from human technology and which steps cannot be assisted with technology. Use quantitative and technology the identify and analyze the problem. You use qualitative data to deepen the analysis.

Technology to Solve the Problem - Tecnologia para solucionar el problema

What are the technology areas you see as potentially solving this problem? (e.g., Mobile, social media, geospatial technologies, etc.). How will someone use this proposed solution

It varies and on depends target population, objectives, goals and costs. Almost all technology can be used.

Existing solutions or relevant links - Soluciones existentes o vinculos pertinentes

What other potential information could help the technologists working on the idea?

Follow-on Actions - Acciones de seguimiento

Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your action plan for implementing it? This should be a series of steps and milestones, ideally with actions assigned to specific people.

Gonzalo Plaza is going to use the M&E process through survey monkey link. He will send a text message to teachers with the link to survey monkey.

Haydee Diaz is going adapt her M&E database and monitoring system so that is can be in synch with digital channels (data from SMS messages directly to database).

Edwin (Gragert?) is going to take his paper based form and turn into an internet based survey with data and analysis, such as survey monkey.