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Presentation Video

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Project Information

NGO Lead: Lerone Lessner

Project Participants: Lerone Lessner, Ala Shiban, Orit Chenkin

Summary of the Problem

NGO web sites have a lot of useful insightful information, however, navigating and finding a specific piece of information can be difficult and unintuitive.

Our audiences are usually less inclined to spend long periods of time searching for the “right” or “best” answer to their questions, and are easily discouraged when they don’t find what they are looking for.

Proposed Solution

Turn the search process into a dynamic, ping-pong, questions & answer process that allows our target audiences to easily navigate information based on their specific answers to our questions. Each answer results in a different question outcome that:

  1. Finds what they user is looking for using media such as audio, video, images, links, etc.
  2. Brings them to the next question that will eventually result in the answers, as described in option 1.
  3. Within each step of the process, each user will be able to reach out to a relevant services, or consultant to answer a question that they cannot find the answer to within our dynamic, question&answer process.

Information Pathways.png

It may take several ping-pong steps until reaching an answer, or a whole series of questions, depending on what each user is looking for.

Technology to Solve the Problem

A Web service would enable the creation of easy to navigate tree maps:

The creation process would allow for easy editing, additions, and attaching media such as YouTube videos, images and audio bits enabling a more engaging experience for the user. The map generates a link for NGO customers that displays a question with several answers derived from the tree.

The service is web based, HTML5 enabled, mobile friendly, is built through a mobile-first strategy that can be wrapped into a native mobile app through PhoneGap™.

Existing solutions or relevant links

Akimator shows a model of how a ping-pong changing question and answer service works. Changing the content to service NGO’s coupled with adding media per question for a more engaging and personal process suites our needs.

Follow-on Actions

We need:

  1. Design a mock-up for the service
  2. Convert data and questions into tree map format
  3. Recruit a developer for building service
  4. Recruit a designer that can supplement the technology with the appropriate design structure
  5. Run a pilot

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