Integrating Games into Education

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Group 20

Project Title:

Integrating Games into Education

NGO Project Lead:

Olga Yaroshenko & Olga Kotvytska

All Project Participants:

Olga Yaroshenko Olga Kotvytska Hanny Kusumawati Gleb Kanunnikau Irina Kutsa Nadzeya Skrabets Eugene Zelenko Josephine Dorado

Summary of the Problem

Lack of channels for distribution & marketing of educational games to teachers & education administrators (schools, universities & informal education) Problems with the infrastructure of the educational system (problems with implementation of new initiatives) Need for educating teachers on games & incentivizing them to use games Lack of teacher network

Proposed Solution

Create partnerships with local libraries and community centers. Create a Games for Change meetup at a local library or community center for teachers, educational directors, game designers and other game/education enthusiasts. Create a Facebook group for Russian-speaking teachers that are interested in integrating games into education Get university students in education (future teachers) involved, especially at the Pedagogical Institute which is very respected. If future teachers start using games for education, then a whole generation of new teachers can spread that initiative. Create a database of teachers that are active in the community, with at least one contact per city. Create a toolkit of games that can be easily implemented, including instructions and screenshots.

Technology to Solve the Problem

Areas of technology that you believe have the potential to solve this problem? (eg mobile devices, social networks, geospatial technology, etc.). Facebook group, community and database, game development platforms (free and easy-to-use), community centers & libraries with computer labs

Existing solutions or relevant links

What other information could help technologists working on this idea? Other events are in progress.

Relevant links:

Football vs. Math video:

Games for Change (community, database of games, meetups):

Game-making platforms:

Game Salad:



Jane McGonigal’s TED talk “Games Can Change the World”:

Startup Board Game:

Action Plan

Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your plan of action to implement it?

  1. Find teachers that are active in the community
  2. Contact local libraries for potential partnerships (potential meetups & use of computer labs)
  3. Create a a Games & Education Facebook group
  4. Hold regular meetups so that the education community has a creative space to hear about and be inspired by innovative ideas
  5. Search for financial & technical resources
  6. Contact community centers, offer to give free presentations on games for education
  7. Create a toolkit with instructions
  8. Conduct a training for teachers & future teachers
  9. Consult with game industry professionals and foreign teachers
  10. Replicate the model to different schools (trained teachers become mentors for next group)
  11. Create a showcase event for student-designed games

Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your plan of action to implement it? Share the vision and action plan at the first meetup.