Juarez Connections (Trusted Space for Citizens of Ciudad Juarez)

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Juarez Connections

(Trusted Online Space for Citizens of Ciudad Juarez)

En Español


The owner and proposer for this project is from Ciudad Juarez.

This project was developed at the TechCamp in Santiago, Chile on November 20. TechCamp Santagio had over 100 participants, including a few US technologists, over 20 Chilean Tech community representatives, and approximately 80 NGOs and civil society organization representatives from across Latin America. Small group discussions between technologists and civil society organizations were used as a means of developing valid problem definition statements.

The point of contact for this project is Noel Dickover (DickoverNT@state.gov or ndickover@gmail.com) is a secondary contact. He is US-based and can be reached via email or cell during RHoK at seven-zero-three--two-three-one--three-nine-one-two, or via twitter at @NoelDickover. Noel may be available via Skype (NoelDickover) Friday evening, late Saturday evening and Sunday.


Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is a place of crisis. The drug traffic has turned it in to a defacto war zone. Society is divided, with a lot of fear. The potential to form relationships around peace and development is very difficult. So what citizens cannot do offline, must can be done online.

We need to create a space where we can rebuild trust where it is possible to share without risk. A place where we can access information, tools and strategies that help us confront threats and build a city that we all want. Citizens need methods of planning community projects and conducting online events in a safe, secure, anonymous way. In essence, they need a secure, anonymous social network set up for them that citizens can easily use.

Who Needs This?

Everyone in the community that wants to change the direction of Ciudad Juarez.


--Someone who has been a victim of crime or corruption still has the chance to share experience. Becoming aware of similar cases, which can alert the community to help citizens which also can be a means to pressure the government.

--People who want to plan a community party, but are afraid of violence if it is performed locally, would be able to do an online virtual party.



Looose translation: Her project is Juarez Connections. Juarez faces a situation with a lot of fear, where it is difficult to attain peace or development. There is an opportunity to reestablish confidence online when it is lacking offline. An online community could reestablish networks and relationships, allowing victims of corruption or other emergencies to alert the community about their need for assistance. It would allow victims to share information without risk or threats, and thus lay the basis for the rebuilding of Juarez.

Use Case/User Story/Scenario

  1. Ciudad Juarez citizens can create anonymous profiles on a social networking site devoted to Ciudad Juarez, which is managed externally.
  2. Citizens can create groups, create discussions, and post Ciudad Juarez news items.
  3. Citizens can organize online to form responses to the violences
  4. Citizens can have normal community functions virtually – everything from Birthday party wishes to watching sporting events, and discussing school events.

En Español

Daremos las definicaciones de problemas a un grupo global de progamadores voluntarios que se llaman “Random Hacks of Kindness” quien crearan soluciones a estes problemas desde el 4 hasta 5 de diciembre.

Resumen del meta

Ciudad Juarez en Mexico esta en crisis. El narcotrafico ha convertido el lugar en una zona de guerra. Sociedad dividido, con mucho miedo. La capacidad de establecer relaciones alrededor de la paz y el desarrollo es muy dificil. Entonces lo que los ciudadanos ya no pueden hacer offline, podria hacer online.

Descripcion de la necesidad

Necesitamos generar un espacio donde podamos recuperar la confianza donde sea possible compartir sin riesgos. Un lugar donde accedamos a informacion, herrramientas y estrategias que nos ayuden a enfrentar las amenanzas y construir una ciudad que todos queremos. Ciudadanos necesitan un proceso de planear proyectos comunitarios y hacer eventos online de una manera segura, anonima y con seguridad. En esencia, necesitan una red social anonima para ellos.

Quein lo neceista?

Toda la comunidad que desea cambiar el rumbo de Ciudad Juarez

Caso tipico

  1. iudadanos de Ciudad Juarez pueden crear profiles anonimos en un sitio de red social sobre Ciudad Juarez, que puede ser organizado de una manera externa.
  2. Ciudadanos pueden crear grupos y platicas y poner noticias de Ciudad Juarez.
  3. Ciudadanos pueden organizarse online para formar respuestas a la violencia.
  4. Ciudadanos pueden organizar eventos comunitarios virtuales, incluso hacer deseos de feliz cumpleanos, mirar juegos de deportes, y discutir eventos de la escuela.

Una persona que tenga un caso de inseguridad (victima) o corrupcion aun tenga posibilidad de compatir. Informarse de casos similares, y que pueda lanzar una alerta a la comunidad para accede a ayuda ciudadana y que sea un medio de presion para los gobiernos.

Gente que quiere planear una fiesta comunitaria, pero tiene miedo de violencia si esta hecho localmente; en cambio puede hacer la fiesta online.