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Presentation Video

Project Information

NGO Lead: Kathy Granat

Project Participants: Coby Enteen, Maya Ohana, Orit Boyer, Hadva Livnat, Shirley Kamusher, Kathy Granat, Shirlee Harel

Summary of the Problem

Many organizations and institutions find it difficult to maintain ongoing records and involvement of its alumni after they complete the program. It is critical to the organization to capture the experiences and develop a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. This function is often not viewed as a core role of the organization and therefore the responsibility is passed around resulting in inefficiency.

Proposed Solution

  • Creating a long-term plan
  • Informing students about alumni program early on and ongoing reminders
  • Ongoing informal meetings with high-interest challenge
  • Create committee and Delegate the task of organizing alumni activities to the students themselves (buy-in)
  • Maintain a current database of alumni students, where they work, interests etc.
  • Collecting success stories and using them in different outlets (website, newsletter, facebook, etc.)
  • Creating high interest, challenging and fun activities or competitions to bring them together.
  • Establishing a common platform for communication.
  • Create a unique attraction/selling point for bringing alumni together

Technology to Solve the Problem

  • Mapping program for pinpointing the location of the alumni & maintaining records
  • Surveys for information gathering and sharing
  • Social Network for ongoing communication collaboration and sharing
  • Electronic newsletter/Blog for communicating achievements
  • SMS technology for sending reminders
  • Gaming Applications for enticing alumni
  • Photo and video applications – for alumni to post information about themselves & for success stories
  • Synchronous communication tools for online meetings and events

Existing solutions or relevant links

  • – Pictures and videos
  • Facebbook -Colaboration
  • Skype/Webex/Oovoo – Video Conferencing
  • Wordpress - newsletter
  • Google docs/Survey Monkey - Surveys
  • Google Hangouts -
  • Mapping Commons – Location of Alumni
  • Frontline SMS - Reminders
  • Wordpress – Blog, Newsletter
  • Flicker/Animoto/Camtasia for pictures and videos

Follow-on Actions

  1. Develop objectives and long term plan
  2. Create and maintain work plan
  3. Define abilities and skills of students and delegate responsibility
  4. Test and select the specific technology tools to be used
  5. Do pilot project with a small number of tools and on a specific group of alumni.
  6. Expand program to include the rest of population
  7. Gather feedback from participants and staff
  8. Refine program

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