Mapping handicapped access throughout Chisinau; additional services for people with disabilities

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Summary of the Problem:

While there is not that much handicapped access throughout Chisinau, there are some streets and buildings that do offer it. People with disabilities need to know where such locations are.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

Create a map that shows the buildings (public institutions, schools, pharmacies, employers) that are disabilities friendly, allowing people with disabilities to move more freely around the city and access basic services.

Solution would also enable collecting information and complaints for places that either do not have adequate access (ramps are too steep …) or have no access and need it.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

Crowdmap - a prototype created in five minutes. You can map infrastructure, different types (theatres, hospitals...). Other people can participate in adding locations. Also, someone needing help/information can post a request/question.

We need a tool for monitoring but also for coordinating assistance. All NGOs offering services can be connected and mapped.

Information can be shared through mobile phones as well. Frontline SMS or Rapid SMS can be used for distributing information through mobile phones.

Use of social networks Facebook, Odnoklasniki for connecting and people with disabilities to report information to the map.

Existing solutions or necessary tools:

Looking at similar examples from other countries to help set up the categories and the process for the mapping and the network. There is one in Russia.

It will not work without promotion, collaboration with other tools, cooperation with other NGOs, institutions, media, gov.

Short mobile phone codes would be useful; Negotiations with mobile companies.

Follow-on Actions:

  • Searching for examples, look who is using the same platform, check
  • Promote and train
  • Mobilize volunteers
  • Find a technical person who could coordinate the work
  • Frontline SMS
  • Short mobile phone number- negotiations with mobile phone providers (Orange Foundation) - examples from Romanian Vodafone
  • Options for accessibility for visually impair (Russian Surdoserver)
  • Tools gov. should be interested in
  • Translate the map into Romanian
  • Look into jobs and employment issue

AED will introduce the topic to potential partners and sponsors from private sectors (e governance centre, Orange, Moldcell)

Video [1]