Mission 4636 for Indonesia

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Mission 4636 for Indonesia

The problem-solution sets provide a method to detail everything needed to galvanize support for addressing a critical problem facing an NGO or grass roots organization.

Summary of the Problem

Description: This is a sentence or two description of the problematic situation facing the civil society organization

Like Haiti, Indonesia has the possibility of many disasters happening in the future. The development of a SMS shortcode shared by all the cell phone companies that regular citizens could send in problems in a crisis, that could then be aggregated and acted upon would be a very valuable risk mitigation approach.

Description of the Need

People need to be able to be able to report what they are witnessing during a natural disaster with their needs so responders can have better situational awareness and people reporting can get the support they need,

Who Needs This?

NGOs, Government, emergency responders, citizens needing assistance during a natural disaster.

Solution Space

The solution for this is still TBD with a few variables that need to be defined. If there is an existing system utilizing a short code, we couldintegrate with that. If not, a new system can be set up. This system will loosely model Haiti's Mission 4636 allowing citizens to report what they are seeing during a natural disaster. One possible route for the message is to go through a gateway, passed to a trusted organization that could act as a clearing house and finally disseminated to organizations that could make information public, respond to specific incidents or produce detailed situation reports based on citizen reports.

Use Case

Description: Provide either a paragraph or bulleted list of how someone might use a proposed solution that is developed

A citizen would submit an SMS message to this number during a crisis with needs or simply informing responders and other citizens with what is haopening in their area.

Responders, local, national and international NGOs and government would get these specific messages and respond directly to them or get a better view of what is happening on the ground. Citizens would be able to have a better idea of what is happening in areas that they are concerned about.

A historical record of what happened would be saved for future study and preparedness to see how certain situations were responded to.

Existing solutions or relevant links

Descirption: What other potential information could help the technologists working on the idea.

http://klikjkt.or.id - local indonesian ushahidi deployment

What Resources Are Needed

Description: In thinking through the resources necessary to solve this problem, what would you want from the private sector, volunteer community, government, large scale NGOs, and/or funding organizations.


Follow-on Actions

Description: Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your action plan for implementing it? This should be a series of steps and milestones, ideally with actions assigned to specific people.

Keep in touch

* Bambang Wijayanto, Project Systems Administrator - Japan ASEAN Solidarity Fund - bambang@aseanfoundation.org
* Adi Suryadini, Disaster Risk Reduction Coordinator - World Vision Indonesia - adi_suryadini@wvi.org
* Kartika Melania - lani_recuardos@yahoo.co.id kartika.melania@multipolar.com
* Brian Herbert - Ushahidi - brian@ushahidi.com