Mobilizing a network of students for social good

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Summary of the Problem:

Students have great ideas but they need some help to implement them.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

• Involve students to ensure the experience gathering for them.

• Tapping into student network that already exists.

• Reach out for the students and ensure their long-term involvement.

• Attract the most active students to reach to the other students.

• Use students’ organizations (alumni, ISIC, FLEX, university clubs other).

Technology to Solve the Problem:

• Facebook

• Vkontakte

• Other social websites

• /.ru/.lv/ee

• Mobile

• Skype

• Odnoklasniki

• NGO web sites

Existing solutions or relevant links:

• – popular site among students (news website)

• Periodical fairs of social initiatives (concerts, etc.)

• Content of the website shall be on various other resources: on-line and off-line

• Using social networks

• Broadening out the content, highlighting the most important things.

• Advertising through various media

Follow-on Actions:

• Enlarge network and groups in the social networks

• Find organizations that are somehow involved already with the students community (to cooperate with them in posting on their websites)

• Use the existing large organization such as Universities to reach up youth

Needs assessment

• Reach the right groups of persons (networking)

• Guidelines for the youth organization and organizations that are youth oriented

• Wiki page of the TechCamp

• Free and easy web pages