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Summary of the Problem:

Public money has to be allocated in a just manner with clear and transparent steps, and should be tied to performance and satisfaction indicators. These performance indicators should be based on those of W European countries, in order to raise our standards as well. Implementing such efficient financial standards will benefit all of Moldova’s citizens, because the our money will be spent responsibly.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

Design and implement national development strategies and action plans that are transparent and focus on sustainability. In order to achieve this, we firstly need NGOs that will be able to mobilize the human and financial potential for improved administration of finances and to raise the standards/change the current mentality of what is considered good governance. This can only be achieved if there is clear and good communication and collaboration between the government, NGOs and the private sector. In order for these new methods to be efficient, we need to implement modern technologies and to change our outdated standards.

We would like to point out that these types of things are of great importance for the development of a Republic, and using these methodologies will have a major beneficial impact on the development of the country and its citizens.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

We need a GIS based on a digital map that would help improve administration of financial and human resources, ensuring they are used in a rational way. Creating such a system accurately pinpointing how these resources are being used currently (a system that would conform to international standards like the ISO or OGC) would double the current financial and manpower potential.

Creating a national geoportal would make the use of national resources transparent, governance more effective and would help lower the level of corruption; all of which would help improve the lives of the general populace. This system would include data about how public funds are used, down to the lowest authoritative level.

We also need this platform to include data on tax collection, which would raise the PIB of the country.

Existing solutions or relevant links:

National Geographic Informational System of Singapore

Follow-on Actions:

1. Create a team to manage the project, including members from NGOs, the government, IT sector and domain specialists

2. Identify financial resources

3. Detail the feasibility of the project, with input from international experts

4. Initiate a pilot project to verify efficiency and durability

5. Implement the project

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