Monitoring performance and integrity of public officials

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Summary of the Problem:

Citizens are not satisfied with the status of public services. There is no existing information on the performance of public servants, or public rating of their performance; if there is some information, it is very vague.

Summary of the Proposed Solution:

Use IT resources to monitor performance of public officials and to make public services better and more efficient.

Technology to Solve the Problem:

1. Create internal IT systems for monitoring the efficiency of officers - digital signature application, placing cameras around, using on-line appointments for transparency of activities

2. Regularly place activity reports online

3. Issue periodic surveys on services rendered (costs per officer vs. tasks performed) under which performance is analyzed. Put these on the “Experienta Romaniei” website (a project supported by the EU)

4. Develop a website where citizens can report issues / violations (by area)

5. Develop an online forum for citizen complaints and suggestions - Checking / monitoring customer satisfaction tool. Existing tools include:, Google Moderator,, IdeaFactory …

6. Use Crowdsourcing and create a map that collect/shows citizen reported information about the work of civil servants

7. Instill a performance monitoring system for the efficiency of public servants

8. Developing a platform like

Existing solutions or relevant links:, ushahidi,, mapbox,,

Follow-on Actions:

1. Form a team to carry out the actions (Consortium of CSOs)

2. NGOs need to ask the local authorities to make reports and statistics public in a reasonable time period

3. NGOs need to look for project funding

4. NGOs need to develop IT partnerships in order to make an instrument for collecting and analyzing public data

5. NGOs need to create relationships with the mass media in order to help disseminate public documents and results obtained

6. NGOs need to collaborate with the public authorities in order to solve identified problems

7. NGOs need to motivate and mobilize citizen to help monitor public official performance

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