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Summary of the Problem

Description: This is a sentence or two description of the problematic situation facing the civil society organization

Government provides poor public services, characterized by delay, unreliability, corruption.

Description of the Need

Description: This should outline the basic need that would solve the problem listed above. It might have technology options included, but must have a clear need that tech could solve in a number of different ways.

1. Permits to construct buildings.

Problems: Officials are badly paid; they need additional income to exist.

Population affected: Businesses, home owners. (Two different types of home owners: those in municipalities, those in rural areas. Those in municipalities generally follow the law and seek permits before they start to build; those in rural areas tend to build without permission, and seek forgiveness later.)

2. Getting children into Kindergarten.

Problems: There are not enough Kindergarten places; administrators and teachers are underpaid; they need money from parents to supplement salaries; they take bribes to get children onto Kindergarten waiting lists.

Population affected: Parents of small children.

Who Owns This?

Description: Who is the owner of this need? Which NGO, community-based organization or group of people would better be able to implement their mission if this problem was addressed?

1. Permits for business licenses -

No obvious NGO owner.

2. Getting children into Kindergarten -

No obvious NGO owner.

Solution Space

Description: What are the technology areas you see as potentially solving this problem? (e.g., Mobile, social media, geospatial technologies, etc.)

  • Webpage with full information about how to build a house, how to get permits, what to expect; forums to share their experiences
  • FrontlineSMS
  • Paper. (Flyers, etc., in rural areas)
  • Web-based + mobile phone network
  • Facebook campaign
  • Games & simulators for youth

Use Case

Description: Provide either a paragraph or bulleted list of how someone might use a proposed solution that is developed

  • Small core of human leaders is necessary; can't build that with SMS or tech. Motivated core team is essential.
  • Once the core of activists comes together, use available tools to build a broader network of citizens (homeowners, parents) to network with each other, share information (which can go onto the web site).
  • Goal: common information, common picture of what's actually happening (from the large, like how long it takes to get a permit, to the small, like how long is the line at the property office today). Concrete goal: Faster, more efficient, less corrupt behavior by officials; and better, stronger rules.
  • Also: Allow people to give voice to their anger about corruption (and get social approval for their experiences and views).

Existing solutions or relevant links

Description: What other potential information could help the technologists working on the idea.

Follow-on Actions

Description: Once a potential solution has been developed, what is your action plan for implementing it? This should be a series of steps and milestones, ideally with actions assigned to specific people.

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