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Plantilla de proyecto:

TechCamp El Salvador


Project Title / Titulo del proyecto:


Project Participants / Los Participantes del Proyecto:

  • Andy Avalos
  • Carolina Silvestre
  • Edinson Uriarte
  • Gina Romero
  • Marcelo Espinel
  • Napo García
  • Óscar Arévalo
  • Gustavo Martínez
  • Edwin Ramírez

NGO Project Lead / Lider del proyecto de la organization no gubernamental:

Gina Romero (OCASA y RedLat)

Technologist Project Lead / Tecnólogo Líder del Proyecto:

Eva Sander

Project Presenter / Presentador del proyecto:

Gina Romero

Group Number / Número del Grupo:


Problem Set Format / Formato de la series de problemas

How can we change the perception go latin american youth being lazy, violent and uninvolved using crowdsurcing? How can we spark interest and mobilise youth to get involved in political issues by using crowdsourcing?

Summary of the Problem / Resumen del problema

Participants feel that latin american youth are invisible, that the few that are involved don’t get the right attention and can’t rally up the resources needed to spark a real movement. Participants feel that by sharing positive outlooks and experiences and pushing for better collaboration schemes, they can make a difference.

Summary of the Proposed Solution / Resumen de la solucion propuesta

Create a networking platform that benchmarks best practices and promotes collaboration among latin social entrepreneurs.

Technology to Solve the Problem / Tecnologia para solucionar el problema

Crowdsourcing using the entire conversation prism and KPI’s to detonate actions in specific audience segments.

Existing solutions or relevant links / Soluciones existentes o vinculos pertinentes

Follow-on Actions / Acciones de seguimiento

-Basecamp was opened -Bought domain name and installed wordpress -Generate content -Generate social media plan -Generate stakeholder maps -Generate social objects -Curate contants