Promoting Marketing of Microbusinesses

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Promoting Marketing of Microbusinesses in Reconstruction and Development Situations

[En Español]


This project was developed at the TechCamp in Santiago, Chile on November 20. TechCamp Santagio had over 100 participants, including a few US technologists, over 20 Chilean Tech community representatives, and approximately 80 NGOs and civil society organization representatives from across Latin America. Small group discussions between technologists and civil society organizations were used as a means of developing valid problem definition statements.

The point of contact for this project is Noel Dickover ( or is a secondary contact. He is US-based and can be reached via email or cell during RHoK at seven-zero-three--two-three-one--three-nine-one-two, or via twitter at @NoelDickover. Noel may be available via Skype (NoelDickover) Friday evening, late Saturday evening and Sunday. The other point of contact is Ricardo Faundez of Digital por Chile, he led the group that created this project. Will be available for questions and support they need via Skype (rfaundezen) and via Twitter @rfaundez on Saturday morning.

Proposed by: Esperanza


In developing countries and in reconstruction situations following a disaster, often an economy can best be jump started by microbusinesses. We need to promote microbusinessmen in a way that a consumer can easily find them.

Description of Need

Online platform that enables making visible microbusinessmen offerings according to ?search results?


If Haiti had a method of promoting its microbusinesses, more entrepreneurs would emerge, and the local economy would be stimulated faster. The project would be for any foundation, and better enable them to support consumers to find products, such as ham or jelly. The tool would make the search more efficient using mapping and other technology.


Use Case/User Story/Scenario

  • A website for promoting the marketing of microbusinesses is stood up.
  • Microbusinessmen enter profiles of their businesses.
  • External users generate search either via SMS text service or a website that is advertised on local radio stations
  • Contracts are generated between the purchaser and microbusinessmen

En Español

Daremos las definiciones de problemas a un grupo global de programadores voluntarios que se llaman “Random Hacks of Kindness” quien crearan soluciones a estes problemas desde el 4 hasta 5 de diciembre.

Resumen del meta

Como promocionar microempresarious de fomra due un consumador los pueda encontrar.

Descripción de la necesidad

Plataforma online gue permita visibilitar ofertas de microempresarious seguir ??? de busqueda ???.


Quien lo necesita?

Fondo Esperanza

Caso típico

  • La fundacion levanta el sitio web.
  • Microempresarios engresan (?) perfiles de negocios.
  • Usarious externos generan busquedos
  • Se genera contracte entre comprador y microempresario